Better health

Sport performance

Clearer mind

All these benefits and more can be had through simple exercises to improve your breathing


Breathing dysfunction can cause lots of everyday health problems including Asthma, Sleep Apnoea, Fatigue, Chronic Pain, etc…


Breathing exercises can help anyone from a weekend warrior to an elite Athlete improve their performance.


Breathing is one of the very few ways humans can affect their nervous system. Use scientifically proven approaches to manage your mood, stress and focus.

The breath and lungs play a crucial role in our bodies overall health. The play a part in every bodily process:


No matter the physical activity and the level it’s done at breathing plays a core role in performance.


Science is discovering ways in which breathing can control our Autonomic Nervous system. This system governs nearly every part of our body and mind.

  • Increased focus
  • Better decision making
  • Reduced stress
  • Less procrastination


My name is Andy Lewis and my mission is to help people overcome ill health, achieve their athletic goals and gain control over their mind.

Until my mid thirties I had chronic Asthma. I used my inhaler several times a day. I had gone through periods of being very fit (and other times not so!) but Asthma constantly plagued me.

That’s when I found the Oxygen Advantage book by Patrick Mckeown. I’m proud to say I’m a certified Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor.

Drop me a line and let’s improve your breathing